The Biggest Innovation I’ve Ever Done

1 Oct

well up until today I haven’t have the desire to do some innovation, but when I attended my college time at SBM ITB, I got the chance to be the CEO of DART Company, a company which is established in the course of Integrated Business Experience, and we were given a certain target and to achieve that all of us think the same selling an innovation product which will give society benefits.

and here are my company’s innovation:

  1. a.      Kerdigan

Kerdigan is an attractive and functional piece of artwork which consists of wallpaper and hanger combined as a solution to space saving and decorating problems. From the installation aspect, we provide a solution to installing this product which doesn’t damage the wall or any surface it is installed to because it will be stuck by using strong adhesive which makes no damage to any surface it is stuck on. From the design, we provide many attractive designs with Indonesian essence.

Kerdigan, “Decorate your room with a useful piece of artwork”

2. b Rakasha:

The Rakasha is a multifunctional rack with functional utilities which are rack, clock and whiteboard all in one. Rakasha’s all in one feature can help those who need help in managing time, decorating rooms and also saving space. However, at this multifunction racks we managed to infuse elements of Indonesia which is packed with practical and modern elements. This simple design will attract the consumer due to the use of tropical-style design that demands for minimalism and natural looks. Natural impression was obtained from the choice of material that we provide which is pine wood. Beside the material, we use the sunda script numbers on an analog clock in this rack to improve the Indonesian value.

well that’s all of the best innovation I’ve ever done 🙂 hopefully it can benefits society ;D


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