Creativity and Its Practitioner

15 Sep

Creativity [kriˈeɪtɪv]

As for my personal opinion it is the creation or origination of any new thing it may form as a product, solution, artwork, literary work, joke, etc. but more or less it has to have value for the society. Without value in its creativity, the creation or origination won’t be valued and it will be futile.

In life people gets easily bored, imagine even how we do not want to dress with the same clothes everyday, how we do not want to eat the same food everyday, there is something in our own self that wanted something different, something unique, for us to value our life more. As for the solution for that, there’s only one thing that is needed which is creativity, without it our life will become monotone, no interesting stuff to do, and what’s left there to live in a life like that?

ImageSteve Paul Jobs (February 24, 1955 – October 5, 2011)

Steve Jobs and its company Apple Inc. is one of the most creative company in this lifetime for me. Their products and ay of promotion is very creative and unique in its on ay and for me it is because of the role of Steve Jobs.

Imagine ho he first got fired from the company, the company he himself built. Steve Jobs in his biography book stated ho it really stressed him out and it becomes a life problem for him, but he did not give up on life, his mind continues to think and think and figuring out a way on ho to rebuild his empire.

By first buying Pixar and successed with many of its animation film later Steve Jobs was rehired by Apple company which is struggling with bankruptcy and just by two year from 1996 to 1998, Steve Jobs turned the company into a profitability again.

Steve as a person likes to study many things even though his background is from engineering but even class like calligraphy was taken by him, and those lesson really come in handy, by learning calligraphy Steve Jobs understood the aesthetics and the sleek of a product is needed he is even claimed as a “Design Perfectionist”, and it is proven by fact how Apple products of iMac, Macbook, Macbook Pro, iPhone, iPod on such creativity design award but not only for the design Apple Company fulfill the needs of technology of society with those products.

Not only for the products, Apple Company creativity continues even in the music industry, music industry nowadays with such piracy easily intended to be done and sad to admit that it is already a worldwide issue and of course it is causing them loss, the selling of physical CD is reducing and many are suffering from the loss. iTunes Store is the way provided by Apple Company to help the music industry, there people can download and purchase their favorite music from the store and it really does help many country  abroad but sadly not in Indonesia. Apparently those Glodok guys did their job too well and yeahh we have to admit that this itself is a creativity by those people but for the lesson they are using their creativity in a more of a less appropriate way.


Apple Inc. with the help of Steve Jobs improved and gives creativity to be enjoyed by society and in his biography he stated ho he done that all with the will of hardwork and unlike Jim Carrey movie “Yes Man” he is more of a “NO” guy, don’t be afraid to say no and work something all over as long as the result later will be satisfying. Even though Steve Jobs died because of a pancreas tumor, Apple didn’t stop to continue their marvelous work, now Apple leaded by Tim Cook and their performance still are not decreasing as Tim Cook himself were chosen by Steve Jobs itself as his successor.


Tim Cook In The Product Launching of iPad 3


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